TOPIC: Learn what the Banks DON'T Want you to Know about Trading and Investing


This keynote/workshop will address:

- What is Trading & Investing

- How the Markets Truly Work in the Bank's Favor

- Who is Really Making all the Money in the Markets

- How the Banks Manipulate the Market for You to Lose

- The Truth about your Retirement Plans the Banks DON'T want you to know

- How to Beat the Banks at Their Own Game (Trade & Invest Like a Bank)

- How to make Money on BOTH Sides of the Market

- Instruments to Trade the Banks DON'T want you to know about

- How to Handle Risk the way the Banks Do

- How to Look for the Footprints of Money the Banks Leave Behind

- How Banks Approach Risk vs Reward and Wholesale vs Retail Trading

- Establishing a Set of Rules


Program Outcomes

Upon completion, participants should know:

- The difference between trading and investing

- How markets actually work and who the markets work for

- How to take advantage of both sides of the market

- How retirement plans fall short of expected gains

- How to assess risk vs reward like banks

- The difference between wholesale and retail trading & investing

- How to look for where the banks are buying and selling

- The need for a rules based strategy for trading & investing


About William

William is a member of the Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor, the National Speakers Association, the National Association of Sales Professionals, and the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators.  


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